Barbara Eisner Bayer

Freelance Writer and Editor

Let the clients speak!

"It is with great pleasure and without reservation that I recommend Barbara Bayer. There is a certain type of person that we have always looked for here at the Motley Fool  -- innovative, dedicated, intelligent, passionate, independent, and of course, someone who has a Foolishly good sense of humor. Barbara Bayer possesses all of these qualities and has been a valuable member of our staff during her long tenure at the Motley Fool. Barbara's writing style is informative as well as entertaining and she has made reading about money-related topics enjoyable." -- David Gardner, Co-Founder, The Motley Fool

"Once you work with Barbara, you can relax and get on with your work and let Barbara do what she does best -- write brilliantly." -- Julian Koski, CEO, Transparent Value, Inc.

 "Barbara always delivered beyond our expectations during the four years when she was the Managing Editor of Her focus was consistently on providing us with quality and value, and she was always receptive to our instructions and objectives.  Barbara handled her responsibilities with the highest professionalism, including editorial planning, recruitment, and staffing, and I always felt secure in her quality and delivery.  Add all this to the fact that she has a great personality, and Barbara has my highest recommendation."  -- Viggo Zachrisson, Founder,

 "Barbara Bayer is a pure joy to work with. She's highly professional, detailed, responsive, and knows just how far to go with people. And what a great attitude she has! No employer could ask for anything more." -- Tom Jacobs, Lead Advisor, Motley Fool Special Ops; Managing Partner, CGI LLX

"Barbara is serving as Managing Editor and writer for us. Her writing and editing skills are top notch; more important is that she puts her "heart and soul" into everything she does." -- Alex Shteynshlyuger,

"Barbara is very thorough and knowledgeable on financial matters. She is great to work with, because she looks at your book the same way the reader will see what you have written. She is very easy to work with during editing. If you are writing a financial book, you will not find anyone better to help you get it right." -- H. Stephen Bailey, HB Financial Resources Ltd.

"Barbara is proving to be essential to the writing of my book. Her editing skills are excellent and she has encouraged me to maintain professional standards for researching and documenting the facts supporting my conclusions. I am very pleased with her abilities, and am already thinking about the next project we may work on together." -- Robert W. Huntley, CFP, ChFC, Wise$Counsel, Inc.