Barbara Eisner Bayer

Freelance Writer and Editor


Barbara's talent is explaining challenging concepts in a clear, concise, and consumer-friendly manner. She has written for E*TRADE, SoFi, The Motley Fool, Discover Banking, The National Association of Realtors, The Daily Plan-It®, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Schwab, and Prudential, to name a few. Barbara has been the author of two blogs: One on personal finance for, and one for called "The Harried Housewife's Guide to Personal Finance."Here are some examples of her work:

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Barbara has written, researched, and edited newsletters for Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Schwab, Prudential, the Hartford, and AIG, to name a few.  She also created "Your Family Matters," which was written for financial advisors, and helped edit and write "The Daily Plan-It®" for estate planning attorneys.

Your Family Matters




Daily Plan-It®


Barbara has written about healthcare issues for, Onward Healthcare, the Society for Nuclear Medicine, Memorial Healthcare, and, to name a few.  Here are some excerpts of her work:

A Will to Go, A Way to Pay

Budget Cuts Puts Teaching Hospitals in Intensive Care

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Interview/Siemen's Michael Bitterman


An ardent competitor, Barbara has written about sports for the United States Tennis Association,, Onward Healthcare,, Junior Baseball, and the Motley Fool.  Here are some clips:

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Junior Baseball Magazine

Sports for Life/Biking

Yankees Thrive, Amazon Dives

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